Judith Magyar Isaacson

Seed of Sarah

Memoirs of a Survivor

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This gripping and highly acclaimed account of a young woman's experience in concentration camps now includes a final chapter, “A Time to Forgive?” detailing the author's trips back to her former forced labor camp in Germany.

Published by University of Illinois Press, 1991

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Seed of Sarah: Memoirs of a Survivor is written in an easy-flowing style even if it retells how a 19—year—old girl from the Hungarian town of Kaposvár matured into woman and survived the horrors of a concentration camp. It is a Bildungsroman set in hell. The events occurred at a time when the protagonist cherished poetry, searched for her real self, keenly read others’ emotions and sought meaningful personal relations. That the author manages to retain the fresh and informal style of a teenager makes this memoir unique.